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Throughout the course of the project, our esteemed partners will produce many different outputs, from rigorous scientific assessments to practical policy recommendations. Our contributions will be gathered here, together with other relevant updates from the project.

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30.06.2023 policyArea

Investing in 1.5°C Societies

Making sustainable lifestyles is not only the easiest option for citizens to choose, but also the default or 'norm' for societies in bringing human activity back within planetary boundaries.

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28.06.2022 policyArea

Advice for a citizen-centred and climate-supportive utilisation of the COVID-19 Recovery Fund

The objective of this Policy Brief is to inform policy- makers at all levels on issues related to climate-friendly lifestyle changes, and to encourage them to concentrate efforts and financial resources on a number of priority sectors.

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31.03.2022 report

Interdisciplinary Assessment of Pro-Climate Behavioural Change Research

This report summarises the findings of an interdisciplinary assessment of state-of-the-art pro-climate behavioural change research for the Climate Campaigners project.

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30.03.2022 report

Report on Target Lifestyles

In this report, we describe our Climate Campaigners approach to carbon-neutral lifestyle targets for citizens, as well as identify changes in sectoral consumption patterns to low-carbon alternatives.

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28.02.2022 report

The carbon footprint calculation model for Climate Campaigners

Based on previous research, our partners have created a calculation model of consumption-based carbon footprint, fit for the Climate Campaigners app.

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18.01.2022 report

Scope of actions to reduce GHG intensity of daily life in Lighthouse Cities

A comprehensive analysis of climate-related habits in our Lighthouse Cities, providing inputs for local and regional policy formulation that can prove valuable also to other cities.

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17.01.2022 report

Comprehensive Mapping of Individual Behaviour to Anthropogenic GHG Emissions

The primary aim of this analysis is to establish the relationship between citizens’ characteristics and living conditions, and their carbon emitting behaviours.

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