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Scope of actions to reduce GHG intensity of daily life in Lighthouse Cities


This deliverable report provides a comprehensive analysis of GHG habits in the Lighthouse Cities through the use of two main tools: (1) State-of-the-art literature review on the perspectives, methods, and concepts relevant to climate lifestyles and behaviour change, and (2) Expert Survey that captures the lifestyle-related environmental opportunities and feasible policy actions debated in the Lighthouse Cities.

Three overarching insights are identified as provisional conclusion:

  • Many factors, dynamics, and parameters can influence and support more environmentally friendly lifestyles and behaviours. However, these are often context and sector-specific and require an understanding of systems of provision, political economies and ecologies, and urban lifestyles, and the variated and uneven experiences of residents within cities.

  • Reviewed literature is diverse, but primarily centred on survey-based research focused on individual behaviours and techno centric approaches. Further research could focus on broadening the reviewed methods, geographic contexts, and disciplines involved.

  • Lifestyles are not simply a matter of individual choice, but must be understood and addressed across multiple scales (e.g., individual, household, community, city, region), sectors (e.g. transport, energy, waste, food, housing, and water, amongst other), and spheres of influence (e.g. psychological, cultural, political, social, material, economic).

The analysis demonstrates that results of the Climate Campaigners Expert Survey and the literature review are highly consistent. Both analyses found that significant factors affecting lifestyle choices are awareness, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency. Hence, policy formulations in these areas can be utilized as levers to induce behaviour change and adoption of climate-friendly lifestyles.

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