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The carbon footprint calculation model for Climate Campaigners


Backed by science, the app is a cornerstone of the Climate Campaigners project in terms of our contributions to the public debate on climate-friendly consumption. One of the features of the app is to provide users specific information about their personal carbon footprint. One target is to ask a few key questions from users in order to provide a rough estimate of their carbon footprint. The idea is not to ask too many questions so as to keep the app interesting and easy to use for as many interested users as possible. Therefore, there will be some uncertainties, and all detailed aspects of users’ lifestyles cannot be considered. In the future, it may be possible to obtain user-specific data through the app without asking questions. Another target is to use city- and country-specific values for key parameters of the carbon footprint calculator. The focus is especially on Lighthouse Cities (LHC) and related countries within the Climate Campaigners project.

This report presents the goal and scope definition and the inventory analysis phases for each consumption category of the app’s carbon footprint calculations - mobility, housing, food and other consumption. The impact assessment includes key equations needed for carbon footprint calculations, but the actual impact assessment phase takes place in the back end of the app. Read more by downloading the report below.

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