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Report on Target Lifestyles


This report of the Climate Campaigners project aims to describe carbon-neutral lifestyle targets for citizens and identify changes in house- hold consumption patterns to low-carbon alternatives, such as transport model shifts, home energy reduction and dietary shifts that present the most significant mitigation potential. The report serves as critical input to the design and development of the Lifestyle Challenges, the ones that citizens of our goal-setting networks take on in the app.

The first part of this report briefly analyses the electricity mix of the different countries involved in the project, a key element to effectively identify behavioural changes that need to be targeted as priorities, and the alternatives to the current lifestyle that should be encouraged.

The second part reviews the main options for lifestyle changes in the transport, food, housing and other consumer sectors, assessing the impact of these changes on the carbon footprint of households. The purpose of such analyses is to identify the targeted lifestyle changes that are the most impactful, also considering the potential co-benefits.

Studies assessing the household footprint mitigation potential of specific lifestyle changes show that car and plane mobility, meat and dairy consumption, and heating are the most dominant components of EU household footprints, with, however, significant differences across regions (depending on the local electricity mix and the type of climate) and socio-economic categories. As a result, Lifestyle Challenges should primarily target lifestyle changes that promote large-scale reductions in motorised transport, shifts towards plant-based diets, and energy-efficient housing while taking into account carbon inequality in the EU and across regions and social groups.

Read more by downloading the report below.

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