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Assessment of Pro-Climate Behavioural Change Research


This deliverable report summarises the findings of an interdisciplinary assessment of state-of-the-art pro- climate behavioural change research for the Climate Campaigners project. The conclusions and recommendations will inform the design, delivery and framing of lifestyle challenges and the Climate Campaigners mobile app which will be deployed across 16 cities in 15 countries to encourage over 100,000 urban residents to adopt more sustainable behaviours and lifestyles. This deliverable report consists of three discrete yet complementary reviews, each covering a specific perspective or body of knowledge.

  • Perspective one examines key concepts and theories related to pro-environmental lifestyles and behaviours across relevant social science disciplines and fields. It assesses how sustainable lifestyles and behaviour change can be framed or understood, and identifies potential levers for encouraging change. As part of this review of disciplines, an interdisciplinary review of lifestyle apps was also conducted.
  • Perspective two gathers insights from relevant academic studies, interventions, and reports across the identified disciplines along with non-academic studies and reports. Complementing perspective one, this review focused on eliciting practical guidance on pro-environmental behaviour change interventions.
  • Perspective three offers insights from intentional communities and grassroots approaches to sustainable lifestyles, based on a review of over 50 reports, articles and documents. This review proposes six principles for effective interventions.

Through these perspectives, this report concludes with recommendations for the projects’ challenge and mobile app design and implementation. In addition to this primary objective, this report offers seeks to offer useful insights and best practices related on pro-environmental lifestyle and behaviour change through digital interfaces more generally.

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