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At this link you finally found the CAMPAIGNers-monitor!

This user-friendly portal allows easy access to comprehensive data from the Climate Campaigners app.

But what can you do with that CAMPAIGNers Monitor?

It’s really dependent on who you are and what are your interests! Are you a student or a researcher? You can download the entire dataset and run regressions, descriptive statistics, averages and means!  

Are you a local administrator or a policymaker?

You can understand how your citizens are behaving with respect to specific domains, by simply downloading the entire dataset and analysing it for your country or city!   Are you using the Campaigners app and you are curious to understand if others in the world found a specific challenge difficult? Do you want to know how many graduates are willing to adopt and succeed in pursuing healthier and more sustainable diets? You can explore challenges and behavioral patterns by simply using the configurator!   You have the flexibility to explore the data from the Campaigners app, delving into the gathered information that reveals individual behavior within cities, across different age groups, genders, and other pertinent categories, particularly in relation to specific lifestyle challenges.

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