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CAMPAIGNers Guidebook: Incorporating lifestyle-related pathways and actions into NDCs and longterm strategies

In order to achieve the mail goal of mitigation pathways of the Paris Agreement it is necessary to consider both the production and the demand side, addressing also citizens to foster their sustainable behaviours. Current emission policies and related Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are predominantly supply-side focused and target production entities but they do not adequately consider citizens’ perspectives and measures. It is therefore essential to develop more general guidelines that contemplate behavioural and lifestyle changes of consumers and citizens to reduce emissions in different sectors, such as transport, diet, housing, and other consumption.

The present document “CAMPAIGNers Guidebook: incorporating lifestyle-related pathways and actions into NDCs and long-term strategies” aims to understand the potential consequences deriving from the inclusion of carbon-neutral lifestyle advices in NDCs and national climate strategies and to operationally implement practical examples to include behavioural aspects of the carbon-neutral lifestyle in the sectors investigated. This guidebook intends also to support policymakers and governments to reframe and redirect their national policies and inform society, which constitutes the final stakeholder of the implemented policies.


The guidebook is currently under consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from a range of stakeholders. To leave your feedback, please:

  1. Read the section “Advice for embedding behavioural pathways in NDCs” and its paragraphs that specifically consider the sectors investigated (transport, diet, housing, and other consumptions)
  2. Share your insights and ideas through the following form.

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