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Comprehensive Mapping of Individual Behaviour to Anthropogenic GHG Emissions


This report, “Comprehensive mapping of individual behaviour to anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, provides a re-assessment of the database of a survey created in the ECHOES project. This assessment is extended for the partner countries that are not included in the ECHOES database (Peru, South Africa, and Azerbaijan) through data obtained from similar national studies or reports. The ECHOES survey and similar existing data for partner countries/cities that the ECHOES survey does not cover provide valuable information concerning the lifestyles, lifestyle choices, and behaviours of citizens in the partner countries and respective Lighthouse Cities. Analysis of the findings from the ECHOES survey and similar existing data, as well as the analysis of the relevant literature provides significant results and pointers to the relationship between the characteristics and living conditions of citizens and their carbon emitting behaviours.

Within the context of Climate Campaigners, these results are utilized in order to derive and implement targeted and impactful policies as well as for identifying the possible co-benefits of climate-friendly lifestyle choices and behaviours. Through these results, the potential adverse effects of unintended consequences regarding such choices and behaviours for vulnerable groups can be identified and avoided. This report provides the country level and city level analysis, a country level comparison of results, a city level comparison of results, and the comparison of country-level and city-level results. The city and country level analysis also include interim conclusions and policy suggestions for the particular countries and cities.

Through the demands of individuals as customers, and processes that are employed in order to fulfil this demand, individuals’ behaviours and choices directly and indirectly affect carbon emissions. One significant goal of climate change mitigation policies is to influence individuals’ decisions and behaviours in a way to adopt climate-friendly lifestyles and decrease carbon emissions. Due to its carbon intensity, the current model of global economic growth is not sustainable. Hence, countries need to design their growth strategies and policies through low-carbon action plans. However, it is not straightforward to fulfil this endeavour through the use of technological development, safeguarding sufficient funds, or constructing the necessary infrastructure. The success of climate policies is highly dependent on citizens, and a comprehensive understanding of the carbon-emitting behaviours of individuals, their awareness, and pathways to adopt climate-friendly lifestyles.

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